But the underside of that rock was lovely

So I’ve been on hiatus lately.   I know.   I expect the last post goes a long way towards explaining things, but time and life do pass on.

I just sent out about four dozen emails to various and sundry folks.   It’d look more responsible and on top of things if it weren’t for the fact that most of them had been sitting in the old inbox since June & July.     Eep.

The new look tabroom.com is going all right.   There’s the usual whack-a-mole of error messages and weird corner cases, but the brushfires didn’t burn for too long.   It’s altogether too bad that my largest tournament is also my first and thus gets to be the guinea pig, but that’s the nature of the schedule.   The new interface will take some getting used to, but I think it addresses two pressing realities better.   The first is that schools don’t all live in one league, but register across league borders all the time; it makes that easier.   The second is that the number of leagues using it is going to continue to grow; it’ll scale better on the new layout.

And now, we’re a month away from Yale and a week and a half away from the MHLI.   I suppose I should, you know, plan some cirriculum.   We might have as many as six or seven coaches from the MFL going down to Bronx for the event.

That’s all.   Just wanted to signal to my three readers that I’m actually alive and kicking and will be doing things soon.   But right now it’s midnight and, erh, I should get some dinner.