Found day

So the snowstorm cancelled the Mardi Gras tournament Saturday, which resulted in a found day; an unexpected free day that I haven’t scheduled down to the hour.   That was very nice, since it meant that I could spend it any way I wished, without a sense of waste or failure.

So I did.   I watched a pair of movies,   La Cite des Enfants Perdus, and the Wire DVD I had kicking around, from Netflix.   The Wire’s incredibly good, and I blame Taco for making me watch it.   The movie was suitably disquieting and strange in that odd French way.   I also took a nap and did a metric ton of laundry.   All in all, a day without computers and without commitment is rare enough that it should be appreciated as it comes.   I only wish the outdoors were warmer and I had a garden to putter around or something of the sort.

Today I’m tweaking the tab software for NCFL registration and for some requests of a New Jersey persuasion.   I’m running the NCFL paneling this year in addition to the tabbing, which means I have to strip out some dirty hacks and replace them with other dirty hacks.   I also need to generate about four million different types of reports for various and sundry purposes.   Nationals, as could be expected, thrives and runs on the triple-check.   It’s the only way to manage a herd of that size.

But I finally managed to get the LOPSA website cleaned up.   Now it’s readable and easier to look at by far.   Next step is getting the menus and the navigation cleaned up, and perhaps at last get some writing going on there.   System administration is a field ripe for a critical mass of thinking and writing; we’re written about a lot in my field, but we need to speak for ourselves now.   It’s going to require a couple of hands pushing it forward, but if I have the time and the right forum, I think I can finally pull it off.   Better late than never.