Marathon Approaches

So the January Sprint is upon us in just one more weekend.   I have, in a row, our own Newton South tournament, the big Lexington Winter Invitational, Columbia, then Silver Lake & the NFL Congress together, then CFL qualifiers, and then Harvard.

And then a weekend off.

I have to get started on some things for Columbia.   That one always sneaks up on me, due to the schedule.   I always have plenty of time to obsess and nitpick the registration for Yale, but Columbia just coasts on its own.   Judges are easier to find in New York than New Haven, people don’t have the summer’s worth of staleness remembering how to work the registration system, and well, I also tend to punt and procrastinate this time of year.   But the tournament usually comes off just fine.   Maybe I should try less with the others; of course, if they ran equally well, then I’d be horribly exposed as the fraud I am.
I’m also really bad at vacation.   I spent most of the current one coding, or putting off coding.   And doing a really bad job of it too: wildly varying what I’m working on, not getting into the flow of anything, playing a video game here and there just to break up whatever is left of my concentration.