So I intended grand things in home improvement this weekend.   Saturday I had to go to work, because when you have to shut down major computer clusters, you do it on the weekend in order to not disturb folks.   So I went in, and started to copy a terabyte of data from a storage array I was reconfiguring; this takes a couple of hours so I went to lunch.   And then on the steps in the lobby, I slipped and fell, spraining my right ankle and badly bruising my left calf.

Way to go, swifto.

I hobbled my way to the foodcourt for lunch anyway, and went back to finish the downtime work.   That was fine, but then I realized that my swelling ankle meant that I was not going to drive myself home.   I thought cab at first but then realized my car would be towed by the time I managed to retrieve it, so I started calling around for a driver volunteer.   Pete was around, but had a lot of work.   So I called around more, and it turns out my friends actually have plans on Saturday nights, so Pete it was.

One of the stranger aspects of Pete is that he really likes country music.   The only other country music fan I know is my mother.   But anyway, he was close to saying I was SOL at one point since he had a pressing deadline, but right about then he was listening to a song that was all about how you know who your friends are when you’re in need and so forth.

Long story short, he came, and drafted Bergman, who I’d met once before, to follow us in his car.   So he’s my hero of the weekend, and I owe the both of them dinner.   And it enforce immobility for the weekend, which is funny.   I finished two books: American Trade Politics, and the Golden Compass, which I’ve read about in theological contexts enough to interest me.   The next two books are on their way now.

The ankle is swelling is down now, and I spent a lazy day away from the keyboard.   That’s all very healthy.   Then i responded to league email.   Less healthy, but necessary sometimes.   Tomorrow, Monday.   We’ll see how that works.