By day I’m a software developer, currently working in the impossibly niche field of web based public speaking & debate tournament management software.

I used to coach debate and speech, and was an extemper once upon a time myself.  which is about the only way you end up doing what I do for a living.

I’ve also been a sysadmin and IT operations director, mostly for researchers doing various stressful and hideous things that your average consumer desktop is glad it’s never asked to do.  if machines achieve sentience, theirs will be out for revenge.

this blog, such as it is, is very sparse.  I write a lot of material but I’m not often brave enough to put it up here.  perhaps I’ll gain more confidence with that if I ever grow up.

“Azuen” is a made-up word, but then so are all the others.  I don’t know who coined or what it meant to them, but it does mean something to me.  Maybe someday I’ll post the story behind it here.

my email is palmer at this domain name.

I tweet about as regularly as I blog: @mildconcern.

I was one of facebook’s first few thousand users, but left in Jan 2017 and have never once regretted it.

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