for i.l.c.

Whisper wanting under thunderstorm bower, shout —
candleflame flickers in the gale wary
green outside overturned in upfalling rain
cold wet warm power at fingertips — crackling.

and there I told you light in eye
there I thought to have you know.

shudder first, spring cold wind, clouds curl,
raindrops drop drumming humming on canvas
high rage, mortal, life’s thirst with life its own
drought ends so, lightning taxes, hits a tree

I held your hand to mine,
I looked you in the eye,

spattering at the feet, whipping the clouds,
boiling cold, pushing me back —

I spoke my words, you shook
your head, did not answer.

last breath of fury, then drizzle, then quiet.
The sky beast rolled away. The carpet swept up.
I broke through, and hid in the dripping
afterrain of the forest, tree memory falling.

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